Review on the Evening Policy Talk  – March 22nd 2023 at Thon Hotel in Brussels

“The relevance of P2G and regional development in the energy crisis” On the 22nd of March, in conjunction with the Kick-off of the Project Hy2Market and SuperP2G, ERIG organised an evening policy talk on the topic of “The relevance of P2G and regional development in the energy crisis”. Our distinguished panel comprised of Prof. Marie Münster (Technical University of Denmark), Hortense […]

DTU professor Marie Münster receives IDA’s equality award

Professor at DTU Management, PhD in Energy Systems Analysis, and researcher in modelling of green energy systems, Marie Münster, receives IDAs Agnes and Betzy Prize in 2021. Two of the great trends of the time – the green transformation of society and equality – form the focal point of Marie Münster’s career. For this reason, […]

Experimental Volumetric Hydrogen Uptake Determination at 77 K of Commercially Available Metal-Organic Framework Materials

Storage is still limiting the implementation of hydrogen as an energy carrier to integrate the intermittent operation of renewable energy sources. Among different solutions to the currently used compressed or liquified hydrogen systems, physical adsorption at cryogenic temperature in porous materials is an attractive alternative due to its fast and reversible operation and the resulting […]

ERIG is hosting a EU Green Week partner Event

This EU Green Week partner event will argue for the vital role of gas in the European Green Deal. Underlined with the contributions from current projects, the goal is to have a fruitful discussion with the participants of the event. The participator will get a comprehensive introduction to a full-fledged approach with overarching principles and leading […]