Hydrogen Roadmaps & P2G Demo Projects Deep Dive Events

What is it about?

The “Hydrogen Roadmaps & P2G Demo Projects Deep Dives” are a series of short online workshops hosted by the SuperP2G project that address specific topics connected to Hydrogen Roadmaps, P2G Demo Projects and the SuperP2G project itself. The workshops are exclusively for experts with the idea to offer a platform to share in-depths knowledge and learn from each other. Each workshop will be up to two ours and feature two insight presentations by experts from inside and outside of the SuperP2G project team. The Deep Dive Sessions planned so far can be seen below. If you are interested in participating, are curious about a specific topic related to Hydrogen Roadmaps, P2G Demo Projects or want to contribute with a presentation of your own please use the link given below to get in touch with us.

*If you are experiencing any technical issues filling out the form please contact us directly: dettmering@erig.eu

#2 & 3 Deep Dive on P2G in the future energy system & Economics of P2G

On 16th November 2021 from 13:00-15:00 CET, SuperP2G will host two parallel Deep Dive events in the series of ‘Deep Dive on Hydrogen Roadmaps & P2G Demo Projects ‘. These Deep Dive events will take place during the European Gas and Energy Research and Innovations Days, an online partner event organised by ERIG during the GAT|WAT event 2021.

One Deep Dive event will focus on the latest research results from the SuperP2G project and allocation, size and operation of P2G in the future energy system, presented by Francesco Sergi (ITAE) and Alessandro Guzzini (UNIBO). The other Deep Dive event will give an insight on economics of power-to-gas; imports and offering flexibility which will be presented by Peter Perey, Xinyu Li and Sina Ghaemi from the University of Groningen.  

#1 Deep Dive on ‘The Business case for Hydrogen’

On June 17th 2021 from 10:00-12:00 CET, SuperP2G will host the first Deep Dive event in the series of ‘Deep Dive on Hydrogen Roadmaps & P2G Demo Projects ‘. The event will give a brief introduction on the series of Deep Dive events that will be planned in the coming period. After that, key intermediate results from JKU-Linz and University of Groningen from within the SuperP2G project on the business case for hydrogen will be pitched and up for discussion. Expert from the field are invited to share insights and thoughts on this topic. Together, we will decide on further activities and programme for next Deep Dive Sessions in this series