National Cases

The SuperP2G project will assist in improving integration of variable renewable energy sources through flexible conversion of power to gas (P2G). Hydrogen, but also methanised biogas or syngas can in this way be generated.  The production of P2G will assist in integrating renewable energy by providing flexible demand and by substituting fossil fuels. 

The project SuperP2G works with five national cases where Power-to-Gas (PtG) storage concepts at locations in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. 

National case Denmark:
The national case of Denmark has the objective to make it possible for local multi-energy carrier-based business park to manage multiple value streams in real time as well as optimise the infrastructure set-up in a feasible way and the goal to develop a software framework and methodology to this end and transfer the knowledge to the involved Need-Owner for implementation in a commercial software.

Visit the website of the national case of Denmark here:

National case Austria:
The national case of Austria has the objective to promote regional integration of renewable energy across energy vectors by providing a methodology for assessing future demand for renewable H2 and SNG for the industry, including aspects of cost development based on existing tools of MOVE, Collect, Prestige and the goal to develop the methodology and couple the tools as well as validation by example of Austria.

Visit the website of the national case of Austria here:

National case Germany:
The national case of Germany has the objective to improve existing tools for 1) H2-Prize analysis and optimal location of P2G value chains suitable for the regional development considering Future H2-Demand and 2) process engineering and design of P2G-plants, tailored to fit the specific application and circumstance and the goals to 1) Regional broadening for specific demands and value chains. Increase functionality and included technologies as well as deepen the models. 2) Increase the regional integration aspect by adding Biogas, CO2-source/Separation modules to the tool.

Visit the website of the national case of Germany here:

National case Italy:
The national case of Italy has the objective to allow for national regional smart energy systems and sectoral integration evaluation including P2G by providing a national database for dynamic power production info and hydrogen demand based on public available data and the goal to Integrate the different available sources of data in a first prototype tool, added with own results of analysis and laboratory tests concerning P2G including consideration of legal framework and a first validation of the tool for Italy.

Visit the website of the national case of Italy here: 

National case The Netherlands:
The national case of The Netherlands aims to contribute to the realisation of societal objectives in the field of climate policy by exploring the economic conditions and potentials of hydrogen supply chains (production, transport, storage, distribution, trade and consumption) thereby giving in-depth insight to stakeholders on the costs and benefits of several options to design such a system and the goal to further develop a tool and apply it in the national case.

Visit the website the national case of the Netherlands here: