Workshop in Denmark

Stakeholder involvement was an important part of the SuperP2G gas project. This was achieved through in-depth workshops with the respective national partners. Here you will find the final workshop of the Danish case, where the tools and final results were presented and discussed with practitioners. The presentations and the corresponding videos: 1 SuperP2G final workshop […]

Evening Policy Talk  – March 22nd 2023 at Thon Hotel in Brussels

“The relevance of P2G and regional development in the energy crisis” Hydrogen has a central role in the implementation of the European Green Deal. This is manifested in the EU Hydrogen Strategy and further underlined in the ambition for renewable hydrogen in RePower EU and many other actions.The conflict in Ukraine has put extra stress […]

SuperP2G-Closing Conference on March 23rd 2023 in Brussels

„Synergies utilising renewable power regionally by means of Power-To-Gas” SuperP2G interconnects leading P2G initiatives in five countries, ensuring joint learning. Each national project focuses on different challenges, where researchers team up with local need-owners to co-create solutions. SuperP2G focuses on improving existing evaluation tools including open access, as well as develop a new open tool. […]

EGATEC2022 – European Gas Technology Conference 2022

Event on June 14-15th 2022 in Hamburg We are happy to announce that the 5th European Gas Technolgy Conference, EGATEC2022, organised by MARCOGAZ and GERG and hosted by DVGW with the support of ERIG, takes place in Hamburg, Germany. The event brings together high-level representatives from the European gas industry and provides a platform to […]

JPP SES Conference

Join the JPP SES conference on strategic actions to implement Energy Systems Integration at European level and beyond! On 24 November, SuperP2G, among many other research projects, participate and present their latest research results. You will gain insights on recent results of transnational research, development and demonstration from not only the SuperP2G project but also other projects […]

SuperP2G at the European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days

Within the “European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days”, a partner event of the DVGW at gat | wat 2021 organised by ERIG, SuperP2G is hosting a whole day focusing on P2G in the regional contect. Register now to participate! ERIG is organizing an online partner event “European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days” on […]

Kick-off meeting SuperP2G

The SuperP2G has ben launched! The project targets crucial aspects to lower the threshold for need-owners to validate and put P2G to practice On 11 November the first kick-off meeting of the SuperP2G project took place in Leipzig, Germany. All participants of the project joined together to discuss goals, objectives and upcoming milestones of the […]