Within the “European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days”, a partner event of the DVGW at gat | wat 2021 organised by ERIG, SuperP2G is hosting a whole day focusing on P2G in the regional contect. Register now to participate!

ERIG is organizing an online partner event “European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days” on November 15-19th at gat | wat 2021.

This years event is taking a closer look at the role of Power-to-Gas in the regional context, metrology and of course hydrogen tolerence. On Tuesday the 16th of November SuperP2G is hosting a programme completly focusing on P2G. Participate and get to know leading european research and industry activities that are featured with guest contributions, in-depth discussions and on the virtual fair. Check out the ERIG homepage for more information or register directly here:


Use the “Exhibition Attendance” option – select “online” and “GAT”.

All visitors of gat | wat 2021 fair and conference have access to this event.