„Synergies utilising renewable power regionally by means of Power-To-Gas”

SuperP2G interconnects leading P2G initiatives in five countries, ensuring joint learning. Each national project focuses on different challenges, where researchers team up with local need-owners to co-create solutions. SuperP2G focuses on improving existing evaluation tools including open access, as well as develop a new open tool. This is supplemented with analysis of regulation and markets, as well as stakeholder involvement.

On March 23rd 2023, the team of researcher engaged in the SuperP2G project will present their results and conclusions in an public conference.
The conference will take place as an hydrid event and you can chose to join us in on site in Brussels or participate remotely via a web link.
The conference is devided in to two sessions, where the morning session will give you an overview and introduction on the unified SuperP2G toolbox that provides guidance to Power-to-Gas stakeholder at different grades of granularity, from Euopean level evalutations to optimisation of plant operation, and all along the value chain.

In the afternoon, more detailed and specific results from each work package, in which the tools were tested and applied, will be presented. There will be plenty of room for discussions and questions and all results are public available on the SuperP2G website.

In conjunction with the closing conference, there will also be an Evening Policy Talk event on March 22nd 2023 under the topic of “The relevance of P2G and regional development in the energy crisis”. The team of SuperP2G will contribute with insights to the issue of “Under which circumstances will renewable hydrogen outcompete natural gas”, which is a summarized reflection on their results with specific concern of the business case of Power-to-Gas in the light of the current fluctuations of the energy market triggered by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. (More information)

Please note!
Registration is binding.
Participation is free of charge, but in case of registration and non-participation, ERIG reserves the right to charge the costs incurred for physical participation.

Agenda of the day

09:00-09:30 Welcome & Coffee

09:30-09:45 Introduction to SuperP2G – Prof. Marie Münster (DTU-MAN)
09:45-10:00 Introduction to the SuperP2G-Toolbox – Dr. Martin Pumpa (DBI-Gruppe)

10:00-12:30 Presentation of each level of the SuperP2G-Toolbox

– Processes & technologies –  Dr. Shi You (DTU-Elektro), Ruth Schlautmann (DVGW-EBI), Dr. Alessandro Guzzini (Universitá di Bologna)
– Value chain level – Dr. Martin Pumpa, Ioannis Kountouris (DTU-MAN), Dr. Shi You
– Regional level – Dr. Francesco Sergi (CNR-ITAE)
– National level – Dr. Darja Markova (JKU Linz), Prof. Dr. Machiel Mulder (RUG)
– European level – Prof. Marie Münster (DTU-MAN)
– Discussion and Q&A

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-16:30 Additional results from each Work Package (open event)

– Hydrogen and SNG demand in Austrian industry – Dr. Darja Markova
– Model-based operation and planning for PtH2 – Knowledge and experience developed based on University-Industry
   research collaboration in Denmark
– Dr. Shi You
– How can local (PtG) suppliers be supported in implementation of PtG plants? – Different methanation concepts
   from a process engineering perspective
– Ruth Schlautmann
– A new geographic information system (GIS) tool for hydrogen value chain planning optimization:
   Application to Italian highways – Dr. Alessandro Guzzini, Dr. Giovanni Brunaccini (CNR-ITAE)
– H2 production in the European context – Prof. Dr. Dogan Keles (DTU-MAN)

16:30 Closing the SuperP2G-Conference

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels and sharing the results of our project with you.

If you have any questions please contact us (office@erig.eu)