The Austrian Case

The national case of Austria has the objective to promote regional integration of renewable energy across energy vectors by providing a methodology for assessing future demand for renewable H2 and SNG for the industry, including aspects of cost development based on existing tools of MOVE, Collect, Prestige and the goal to develop the methodology and […]

Articles in the Danish press about SuperP2G and our partners from Greenlab Skive

Besides scientific publications, results from our project partners like Greenlab Skive were also published in the Danish press. They will have Denmarks first commercial hydrogen pipe and implement many more new innovations. See the articles below to find out more! Brintinfrastruktur handler om meget mere end brint – Hydrogen infrastructure is about much more than […]

Skive gets Denmark’s first commercial hydrogen pipes in 2023

The scope of milestone 4 in WP2 is “to evaluate potential operation strategies and define an implementation plan and control specification for GLS”. GreenLab (GLS) has been a focus of the Danish Case in WP2 due to the two P2X projects that will be located at GreenLab Skive and the digitalization platform (MECO) being developed […]