The scope of milestone 4 in WP2 is “to evaluate potential operation strategies and define an implementation plan and control specification for GLS”. GreenLab (GLS) has been a focus of the Danish Case in WP2 due to the two P2X projects that will be located at GreenLab Skive and the digitalization platform (MECO) being developed at GrenLab to, in part, help facilitate the provision of renewable energy (RE) to the electrolysers. For this we will evaluate the formulae, equations and models produced during the SuperP2G project and outline the value of them and how we see them being implemented in GLS.
This report will briefly summarize the SuperP2G project and highlight the relevance to GLS, then proceed through the key deliverables and publications related to the project, highlighting the value of each component how they could be implemented in GreenLab.