Incorporating Optimal Operation Strategies into Investment Planning for Wind/Electrolyser System

As a conducive and prevalent technique for producing green hydrogen, hybrid wind-based electrolyser system requires both effective planning and operation to realize its techno-economic value. Majority of the existing studies are focused on either of these two, but none of them sufficiently emphasize on their interrelationship. In this paper, we propose a two-stage multi-objective optimization […]

Data-driven robust optimization for optimal scheduling of power to methanol

Power-to-Methanol is a newly emerging technology to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors. However, little research on its flexible and optimal operation has been proposed. In this paper, a grid-connected Power-to Methanol system is introduced, modelled, simulated and optimized for its daily operation by considering its participation in day-ahead electricity markets. The system builds on a real-life application […]

Data-driven scheme for optimal day-ahead operation of a wind hydrogen system under multiple uncertainties

Hydrogen is believed as a promising energy carrier that contributes to deep decarbonization, especially for the sectors hard to be directly electrified. A grid-connected wind/hydrogen system is a typical configuration for hydrogen production. For such a system, a critical barrier lies in the poor cost-competitive-ness of the produced hydrogen. Researchers have found that flexible operation […]

Optimal day-ahead dispatch of an alkaline electrolyser system

Green hydrogen is viewed as a promising energy carrier for sustainable development goals. However, it has suffered from high costs hindering its implementation. For a stakeholder who considers both renewable energy and electrolysis units, it is important to exploit the flexibility of such portfolios to maximize system operational revenues. To this end, an electrolyser model that can characterize […]

Potentials for transborder green gas and hydrogen certificate markets

This document describes the market situation for renewable gases and hydrogen relative to natural gas with the aim to identify and discuss future potentials for trade-in renewable gas and hydrogen certificates. The regional scope is Europe with a particular focus on the project countries in the 5 SuperP2G countries. The present situation with existing certificate […]