International competitiveness of low-carbon hydrogen supply to the Northwest European market

This paper analyses which sources of low-carbon hydrogen for the Northwest European market are most competitive, taking into account costs of local production, conversion and transport. Production costs of electrolysis are strongly affected by local renewable electricity costs and capacity factors. Transport costs are the lowest by pipelines for distances under 10,000 km, with costs […]

Value of power-to-gas as a flexibility option in integrated electricity and hydrogen markets

This paper analyzes the economic potential of Power-to-Gas (PtG) as a source of flexibility in electricity markets with both high shares of renewables and high external demand for hydrogen. The contribution of this paper is that it develops and applies a short-term (hourly) partial equilibrium model of integrated electricity and hydrogen markets, including markets for […]

A Preliminary Assessment of the Potential of Low Percentage Green Hydrogen Blending in the Italian Natural Gas Network

The growing rate of electricity generation from renewables is leading to new operational and management issues on the power grid because the electricity generated exceeds local requirements and the transportation or storage capacities are inadequate. An interesting option that is under investigation by several years is the opportunity to use the renewable electricity surplus to […]

Analysis of the Existing Barriers for the Market Development of Power to Hydrogen (P2H) in Italy

New technological solutions are required to control the impact of the increasing presence of renewable energy sources connected to the electric grid that are characterized by unpredictable production (i.e., wind and solar energy). Energy storage is becoming essential to stabilize the grid when a mismatch between production and demand occurs. Among the available solutions, Power […]

Techno-economic optimization and system integration of power-to-gas at different geographical scale in Europe

Decarbonization targets and global political instabilities push the European Commission to elaborate strategies to ensure more affordable and secure energy. Within these strategies, e.g., RePowerEU, Power to Gas (P2G) is foreseen to become a key play for the successful transition towards a sustainable energy system. A rigorous methodology to investigate P2G plants’ potential and optimize […]

Incorporating Optimal Operation Strategies into Investment Planning for Wind/Electrolyser System

As a conducive and prevalent technique for producing green hydrogen, hybrid wind-based electrolyser system requires both effective planning and operation to realize its techno-economic value. Majority of the existing studies are focused on either of these two, but none of them sufficiently emphasize on their interrelationship. In this paper, we propose a two-stage multi-objective optimization […]

Data-driven robust optimization for optimal scheduling of power to methanol

Power-to-Methanol is a newly emerging technology to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors. However, little research on its flexible and optimal operation has been proposed. In this paper, a grid-connected Power-to Methanol system is introduced, modelled, simulated and optimized for its daily operation by considering its participation in day-ahead electricity markets. The system builds on a real-life application […]