SuperP2G improved existing evaluations methods and developed new open access tools which were presented during the SuperP2G closing conference.

These tools, databases and methodologies were improved by the insights of the different case studies as well as the crossinsemination. This resulted in a tool-kit for P2G modelling on regional, national and European level that was combined in the SuperP2G webtool.

This tool-kit makes it possible

  • to improve the technical and economic analysis of P2G processes,
  • to optimally plan and operate P2X systems,
  • to integrate renewable sources and hydrogen applications in local energy systems,
  • to investigate the optimal operation of energy hubs and flexibility through P2X technology,
  • to select size and location of P2G systems on regional and national level,
  • to analyse future demand of renewable H2 and SNG for the industry,
  • to analyse where in Europe, when and under which conditions green hydrogen will be produced