Sector coupling concepts state of the art and perspectives

EtipSnet is issuing this White Paper on a transversal topic currently high in R&D and Innovation agendas across Europe and beyond. The purpose is to contribute to the debate with sound, unbiased information and future outlooks from experts spanning the wide and articulated knowledge base constituing the EtipSnet platform. As per definition of White Paper, […]

Levelized costs of lowcarbon hydrogen production technologies

The levelized costs of hydrogen production consist of several components, including investment and operational costs, input costs for energy, water, biomass and oxygen as well as costs of carbon. The breakdown of these cost components for the LCOH of the four different technologies in the base case are discussed and the four technologies will be compared. […]

Potentials for transborder green gas and hydrogen certificate markets

This document describes the market situation for renewable gases and hydrogen relative to natural gas with the aim to identify and discuss future potentials for trade-in renewable gas and hydrogen certificates. The regional scope is Europe with a particular focus on the project countries in the 5 SuperP2G countries. The present situation with existing certificate […]