The increase of renewable power production and the need to reduce CO2 emissions stimulated the smart utilization of electricity for the conversion of CO2 into valuable feedstocks. Power-to-Gas (P2G) allows to convert and store renewable power into chemical energy (a gaseous fuel), thus favoring the interconnection between the electric and gas grids. There are many potential applications for P2G plants, like gas grid injection, CO2 methanation, renewable energy storage, transport, as well as several field of applications (i.e. electric grid manager, anaerobic digestion plants, process industries). So, several P2G plant configurations can be designed. Since the economic feasibility assessment could result in very complex evaluations and it is highly influenced by incentives, carbon tax and feed-in tariffs, the paper aims to show the state of the art of P2G design for some of the most interesting applications in the Italian scenario and to identify the most promising solutions, including a preliminary assessment of synthesis gas production costs.